Z-Best Auto Transport has nearly two decades of experience in the auto transport business providing services to the general public, financial institutions and automotive dealerships.

We first opened in Southern California in 1989 as Total Recovery Services, Inc., an auto recovery services business.  In 1992, we added the vehicle transport aspect.  We quickly expanded to ten offices throughout the Western United states.  In 2004 the owner, Mario Urrusuno, sold TRS in order to totally concentrate on the auto transport side of the business and thus Z-Best Auto Transport came into being. 

We're a family owned and operated company and when you call Z-Best, you'll either talk to Mario himself or Cindy, Z-Best's general manager and Mario's sister.  Other family members are truck drivers (and decorated military veterans which is one part of why we offer military discounts.)

Cindy Urrusuno, General Manager and Mario E. Urrusuno, Owner of Z-Best Auto Transport

Over the last nearly twenty years in the car shipping business we have transported well over 100,000 vehicles throughout the United States and the world.

Because Mario's nickname is "King of the Road" (King OD Road) his media director/webmaster, Janet, procured two domain names that reflect this (kingvehicletransport.com and kingautoshipping. com so if you've seen these domain names in our ads, now you know why!)  She jokes that every time she hears his nickname, that old song by the same name gets stuck in her head.  Neither Cindy nor Janet will call Mario "your highness" nor bow down...

Mario E. Urrusuno of Z-Best Transport a.k.a. King of the Road!

But the nickname, though a fun way for us to joke around, is very accurate.  Mario has not only satisfied thousands of clients...he's logged thousands upon thousands of road miles driving big rigs and haulin' cars and trucks.

He is an owner/operator and in order to be able to satisfy our large customer base, Mario also brokers transport through his short list of highly rated and trusted transport companies.

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Due to our longevity in the industry, as well as industry contacts, Z-Best has the ability to provide more efficient, cost effective and personalized services to our customers than most of our competitors.  At Z-Best, we treat your vehicle with the same care as if it were our own and all our drivers are experienced, dependable and extremely safety conscious.

Our mission is to provide you with high quality, efficient and personalized services for all your car shipping needs and we've satisfied thousands of customers in our nearly two decades of auto transportation.

Z-Best Auto Transport provides nationwide vehicle transportation as well as car and truck export to all foreign countries from all U.S. seaports.  Our main priority is high quality customer service and we will work closely with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Very few other vehicle shipping companies allow you to work directly with the owner...and even fewer of them are regularly 5 star rated!  Please visit our Customer Testimonials page for reviews and recommendations of Z-Best Auto Transport.

Thanks for visiting our website, give us a call at 425-315-5929 and let us show you that we'll go the extra mile for you just like we've done for thousands of other Z-Best Auto Transport clients!