Scheduling Your Vehicle Transport
It's a good idea to schedule your move as early as possible to ensure that you get the best price and reserve your desired shipping date.  We never require a deposit so if you do need to make changes, it's not a problem.  Of course, as soon as you know about changes to your scheduled vehicle shipping, you need to contact us immediately so we can assist you in making sure you hit your target date. Moving is stressful enough and Z-Best Auto Transport is here to help lessen the stress!

Thoroughly Inspect Your Vehicle
Prior to shipping your car or truck, wash it thoroughly and inspect it.  Some customers take pictures (making sure the date function is on the correct date) and make note of any current damage.  Inspect your vehicle again upon arrival.  In the rare instance of damage from road debris, inclement weather or other unforeseen road hazards, be sure to inform the driver, take pictures and make note of the damage.

Auto Transport Tips
Shipping an automobile isn't the same as shipping a truck or SUV.  Proper preparation for auto transport includes removing custom and after market antennas, ground effects and low hanging items to avoid problems during the loading and unloading process.  These requirements are the same whether the car is being transported on an open car carrier or being transported in an enclosed trailer.

SUV & Truck Hauling
Generally speaking, most standard sized trucks, super cab or extra large pick up trucks and SUV's have sufficient ground clearance to easily load onto the vehicle transport truck.  However, because these types of vehicles are commonly used by customers to haul things, there is a tendency to want to put items inside the vehicles.  This is NOT allowed.

No automotive transport insurance will cover personal items inside your vehicle. In addition, any items left in your car will add to the weight of the vehicle and can cause damage that will not be covered. This means custom additions (such as a heavy tool box that is not welded to the frame) will probably have to be removed before shipping your truck or SUV.

Crack Windows and Disable Car Alarms
Leave your windows open slightly to relieve pressure inside your vehicle. Elevation and temperature changes throughout travel cause pressure so cracking the windows will prevent blow out  Disable your car alarm if possible.  If you cannot do that, provide detailed instructions to your driver on how to turn off the alarm should it get triggered during transport.

Remove All Toll Tags and Personal Items
Prior to shipping your car or truck, make sure you remove toll tags (you certainly don't want to find out you've activated tolls along the way and incur charges!)  In addition, it is recommended that you remove all personal belongings and items such as stereos, GPS devices, DVD player equipment, cell phone accessories and other such items.  Drivers regularly stop in truck stops and rest areas and are obviously not able to watch the transported vehicles when they make these stops.  Leaving tempting items in your vehicle can attract unsavory and unscrupulous characters who might damage your vehicle trying to get inside.

Transport of Vintage, Rare and Classic Cars
Most of our customers prefer to ship classic and vintage cars inside an enclosed car carrier to keep them safe and clean during transport. An enclosed carrier will keep your classic or antique car safe from road hazards.  This is not usually the case for restoration cars and we often ship non-operable vehicles.

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Local and Overseas Exotic Car Shipping
Most of our customers prefer to ship their exotic and luxury autos and sports cars in an enclosed trailer. The exact reason we all love these cars so much is because of their sleek, low lines BUT because most of these vehicle types have less ground clearance than other cars we do require measurements prior to scheduling.

This allows us to schedule the proper type of auto carrier (for example, some auto carriers have lifts that can easily load your car without causing unnecessary problems and this may require a firm shipping date.)  This becomes especially important when shipping exotic cars overseas.  Z-Best regularly arranges luxury car shipping to countries in the Middle East and Europe so we can work with you to avoid headaches and problems.